Multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder mapping launched in Burundi under the leadership of the SUN Government Focal Point

Multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder mapping launched in Burundi under the leadership of the SUN Government Focal Point

A comprehensive nutrition mapping exercise was launched in January 2018 following efforts initiated during the REACH country engagement. The exercise will enable the Government to determine who is doing what, where, culminating in aggregated coverage data for the nutrition actions mapped. This will help identify gaps, duplication as well as opportunities for convergence of actions in order to accelerate progress towards national nutrition targets.  

The exercise is being championed by the SUN Government Focal Point, who is supported by a technical mapping team and availing guidance from the UN Network Secretariat. The technical team brings together government staff from different institutions, providing an entry point for multidisciplinary exchanges and integrated approaches to support person-centred development. These include: a representative from the Vice President’s Office, where the SUN Focal Point is based; a focal point from the Ministry of Agriculture; a technical officer from the Ministry of Health’s Data Unit; a nutritionist from the Ministry of Health’s Nutrition Unit; and an officer from the National Bureau of Statistics. The intent is to appoint a technical focal point from multiple ministries to help embed nutrition into their sectoral work and institutionalise the multi-sectoral mapping.

The official kick-off took place at a workshop in Bujumbura on 22-23 January 2018, co-organised by UNICEF and WFP, with support from the UN Network Secretariat. The event was attended by the SUN Focal Point, multiple ministries (Agriculture, Commerce, Finance, Health, Local Development, Social Protection and Water and Sanitation), all of the agencies engaged in the UN Network in-country (FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO), civil society (including the Lead of the Civil Society Alliance, Red Cross Burundi, as well as World Vision and Concern), the media and international mapping experts from the UN Network for SUN Secretariat. During the workshop, the participants learned about the content of the Scaling Up Nutrition Planning and Monitoring Tool (SUN-PMT), mapping processes to be undertaken and the types of results that can be generated by the exercise. They also gained an understanding of their respective roles in the mapping exercise, and agreed upon the scope of work– both in terms of the nutrition actions (nutrition-specific and nutrition sensitive) to be mapped and the levels at which to conduct the mapping. The workshop created a buzz and was widely broadcast on social media.


Follow-up meetings were held on 24-26 January 2018, where the mapping experts trained the technical team on the tool and helped customize it to the Burundi context. Data collection was initiated in February with ministries and partners, who report on their activities at provincial and communal levels. The data analysis phase is currently underway, with current plans to present and validate the findings in April alongside the efforts to initiate the review of the Multi-sectoral Nutrition and Food Security Strategic Plan.